Management Team Development

Management-Team-DevelopmentMy wish: “Help executive leadership teams create climate conditions in which their departments/project teams/units can thrive and deliver their best and in which individuals can grow.”

Leading teams and departments has gone beyond command-and-control management. Cold analysis and diagnostic of what ‘components’ of the team need tuning or parts replacement seem to reach their limits. Today young people only give their full commitment if they are inspired and can credibly and impactfully participate and the same is true to get the full commitment of a more and more educated workforce.

My work with banking, pharma, insurance, international aid organization and manufacturing senior management teams happens on three levels:

  • The manager of the department, business unit or team (through consulting and coaching)
  • Their management team (through group development sessions)
  • The entire unit work force (through large group intervention)

A reoccurring business and people challenge faced by my clients is how to engage the team around an ill-defined, adaptive business problem. Many such problems do not have a straightforward strategy and solution and require creative team work, endurance in experimenting with different options, persistance in wanting to achieve a common vision and patience and understanding to build the necessary trust for people to thrive and contribute. The creating of such climates in which collective leadership can happen is the task of senior leadership.

There is an art to leading teams and it is this artistic creativity and freedom I want to inspire through the learning environments I create. And in addition there is a science to the whole affair of acting on adaptive leadership challenges. There are now decades of practical experience and wisdom that can guide us through adaptive leadership challenges. But much of it is not taught in business school programs nor in corporate academies. Their the focus is on individuals learning. But much of the problem is groups learning together! So I design learning and conversation spaces in which collective learning can happen, trust is restored and build and new solutions to persistant challenges is found.

If you are leading a team or are a member of a management team that wants to revisit their work of collective leadership that let us get in touch.

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