Executive-Coaching-SupportMy wish: “Provide professionals an environment in which they can achieve mastery and excellence in their fields of practice.”

I work with professionals in management, coaching, consulting and training to improve their ability to lead in highly complex situations.

Professionals who have mastered the basic practices of their field seldomly find stimulating learning courses to improve the way they work. The specific challenges they face are often very context-specific and do not fit into any topic class.

Due to the need for appropriate learning environments for such experienced practitioners I have developed over the past years a methodology for reflective professionals.

I work from the fact that all experienced professionals accumulate hundreds of hours of practice, but that they make very little conscious use of these experiences. To use a metaphor the experience is like raw oil that could become powerful jet fuel but gets wasted because the practitioner refines only little of the raw experience into distilled learning. As a consequence they don’t realize their full potential as professionals.

I create a learning environment to help distill such experiences into valuable knowledge. Such sustained distillation of experience is the hallmark of professionals and separates them from mere practitioners. Such learning takes places deliberately at certain times and according to a set process. My coachee professionals shift their mindset of ‘taking time off’ from work towards a ‘continuous practice reflection’.

I work with professionals who are business managers, consultants, coaches, facilitators and training faculty. All have in common fields of practice that difficult challenges with ambiguous ways of solving, a frustratingly large body of knowledge and practice in which it isn’t clear what is really useful and what not, and face demands on their principles, values and content of their character as they face situations in which their trust and judgment is tested.

To give you an idea of how I work:

  • We start to engage on what you consider your professional practice and what is a key practice challenge you are facing.
  • We create a model of your practice that includes reflections on your biography and your familiar skills and procedures with which you presently engage your practice.
  • We explore your understanding, assumptions and beliefs about the practice challenge and probe the influence of the context in which you are engaging.
  • We plan our first set of experimentation on how to tackle your practice challenge and you go out and do it.
  • We then reflect on your results, what worked and why, what didn’t work and why. We use  frameworks and theories that illuminate areas you find puzzling and derive new ways of trying to solve your practice challenge.
  • We keep a regular practice of this experiment-reflect-study-plan-experiment cycle and evaluate periodically your progress.
This action learning is to help structure your professional development. This process works and its works because you work. Therefore we engage on a longer term basis, I recommend that you take your time, six to twelve months to allow you a serious engagement with your practice problem. If you are facing an urgent problem that requires a quick fix, then I suspect this is a different topic than advancing your professional practice.

Currently I am providing professional practitioner coaching in Germany and Turkey. If you are interested to know more about my work, if you want to start a professional practice coaching alone or with a small group of colleagues please contact me and let us engage on your plans.

Please feel free to click on the individual or group professional practitioner coaching links for a one-page summary for your personal reading or forwarding to interested people.