Leadership for difficult change-Theory U

In June I visited Berlin for one week immersion course into the change leadership process called Theory U, developed by Otto Scharmer of MIT and countless colleagues. I have been following Otto's work ever since I left college many years ago as I explored the challenge of change in organisations during my time with McKinsey and in society during my [...]

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Communication for leaders

What a difficult learning Hermann Hesse articulates to put into practice; which is why I think it is so precious to strive for! As we lead to change ourselves and others communication is the hardest and most essential skills to acquire. Unfortunately we are taught a language of domination based on rewards and punishment. This way creates leadership that is based [...]

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Change the meeting to change your business culture

My work with management teams involves invariably the question how to change individual and group behavior. "Alper, we need to change our working culture. My people need to take more responsibility." or "Alper, I am planning this major change in my department. I will have to run a workshop, any ideas how I can make the team get engaged?". These [...]

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How does HRD need to function in the 21st century?

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How do trainers and facilitators create vibrant learning environments?

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What is strategy?

I want to propose: the putting into action of a choice from many options about how to achieve the best possible outcome with the resources available given the current and near-term context […]

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