LeadLab for Organizations

Welcome, Hosgeldiniz.
2015 marks the year we are launching LeadLab Türkiye, an innovative learning environment for advanced leadership in Turkey. Myself and colleagues have been teaching and practicing the basic principles and practices we want to share with you. Now is the the time to broaden our network, connect with you and engage together in further developing a new approach to leadership that fits Turkish culture and helps our country progress in its developmental, societal and economical. Please feel yourself invited to join us.

What is the essence of the LeadLab Türkiye?

We want to bring together people who believe that a new future for Turkey requires a leadership approach that is engaging Turkish people in a fundamentally more inclusive, participatory and humane way. The lab environment will allow you:

  • To exchange your experiences of successes and challenges of leadership in your institutional environment with likeminded colleagues
  • To benefit from the case experiences from LeadLab participants to create leadership experiments
  • To have a confidential support and personal development environment to improve your own leadership being and doing

What are the main questions of the LeadLab?

Four questions frame our leadership exploration:

  • Personal: What are the personal practices I need to adopt to unlearn old habits and learn new habits to lead myself and others in a new way?
  • Relational: How do I engage a group of people in Turkey to create a safe, trustful and creative work environment?
  • Institutional: How do I embed a different leadership approach in an institutional environment run in an authoritarian leadership style and structures?
  • Societal: How does the social climate in Turkey effect our ability to institute a new leadership approach that challenges age-old assumptions for social interaction in Turkey?