LeadLab Launch this week: I will be presenting my latest thinking on developing leadership for the modern age at the HR Summit 2015 in Istanbul, Turkey. You can join at 12:15-12:50 on Thursday in Room Rumeli 2.

LeadLab Türkiye – Launching a Modern Leadership Model and Development Approach for Turkey

At IK 2014 ProvokatIK we raised the challenge why the expressive energy, courage and team spirit of Gezi Park seems to disappear with managers and employees at work. Our answer was: Authoritarian Leadership; despite a decade of more people-oriented leadership trainings and millions of TL education budgets this style of leadership is alive and well. As a response and to create and promote a serious alternative we are launching LeadLab Türkiye as an education and know-how exchange forum. In this session we will show our latest Turkey-based research and approach on how to educate a participatory style of leadership that brings out the creative energy of Turkish people and organizations. Please join me in exploring how to seed this new approach for a better Turkey.

Check out the program description here