Leadership for difficult change-Theory U

In June I visited Berlin for one week immersion course into the change leadership process called Theory U, developed by Otto Scharmer of MIT and countless colleagues. I have been following Otto’s work ever since I left college many years ago as I explored the challenge of change in organisations during my time with McKinsey […]

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What is strategy?

I want to propose: the putting into action of a choice from many options about how to achieve the best possible outcome with the resources available given the current and near-term context […]

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Advancing your personal leadership

Wharton professor Stew Friedman is offering his excellent class in personal leadership “Better leader, richer life“. If you have not yet tried one of the new free, online courses offered by some […]

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LeadLab launch this week

LeadLab Launch this week: I will be presenting my latest thinking on developing leadership for the modern age at the HR Summit 2015 in Istanbul, Turkey. You can join at 12:15-12:50 […]

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Starting your leadership journey

Welcome. I want to provide for you a few introductory resources to explore the topic of leadership. My hope is that they provide you a stimulating mirror to your current model of leadership. You might not […]

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